You Are Who You Eat

The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet

Tasty Reviews

Tasty ReviewsThe engaging Albert tackles the queiton millions have had, "What the....?"


At last a diet that makes sense!”

- The Donner Party


A real delicacy. Incredible, if not inedible.

- Ashleigh Brilliant, Bestselling Author, Cartoonist, Philosopher, and "History's only professional published Epigrammist," Wall Street Journal


Ina is a great wit and she has concocted a delicious concept in this book. Buy it now and read it for dessert!

- Ed Brodow, Negotiation Expert, Bestselling Author, Actor


Humorous look at eating the food that's best for you. Would make a great gift!

- Sylva Kelegian, Actress, Best-selling author, God Spelled Backwards


This is so true!...Wait a minute. Is this tongue in cheek? Whose tongue? Whose cheek?

 - Oswella Parsons, Housewife, Patterson, NJ


Mighty tasty!

 - Larry Yurdin, President, Yurdin Entertainment


OMG! To all my peeps ─ you’ve got to try this diet! It’s the original Paleo!

- Marcy Hanson, Planet’s Best Diets Blogger


Cannibal jokes? Ewwww! ….Have you heard the one about why Cannibals don’t like clowns? They taste funny.

 - #SomeOfMyBestFriendsAreCannibals


Tch, tch...This is terrible. I love it!

 - Ron Levitt, Former Banker, Gastronome


Very Viennese...Light, airy, but with an edge.

 - Al Gollin, The Newspaper Advertising Bureau


The authors really put their hearts in it!

 - John Bragin, Educator, UCLA


A work that is not all in vein.

 - Helcio Milito, Percussionist


It won't cost an arm and a leg!

 - Jeffrey Daumer

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