You Are Who You Eat

The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet

Peek Inside ‘You Are Who You Eat’

OK, so what is You Are Who You Eat, The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet about?

VIC (very Important Cannibal) SNEAK PEEK
Now included here, in answer to the pleas of millions.


Some have asked, "Is this a book about sex, Ina?" More people have told the author, "That's so true!" "What?" Ina asks. "Well, the title, 'You really are what you eat." When prompted to look at the title again, the aha! moment strikes. "Oh...Who You Eat..." And then people either say, "Is this really a diet book?" Or, "Love it! Have you heard the one about ...?"

Who knew?

The authors meant the book to be pure satire. They set out to recount cannibal jokes they've known and loved, and create new ones, skewering politicians, lawyers and other unsavory types by turning them into foodstuffs. But it turns out many readers conclude the book's tongue-in-cheek weight control tips, which they do see as funny, also make useful lifestyle and dieting points. "Eat low cholesterol foods, like toe-fu," they laugh. "It's funny, but it makes will help people eat right."

Who is You Are Who You Eat for?

Jennifer Nibbelink, a lovely USC student we talked to at the LA Times Book Festival, said, "Everyone is so concerned and stressed about nutrition and weight loss, it's refreshing to just laugh about it."

Albert, in the video at the top of this page, said, "This is not something you see every day. A naked lady, and a diet for her...It's funny!" After diving into the book further, he concluded, "It's for everyone. Men. Women....doesn't matter. Everybody needs a diet...We eat all that stuff you see on TV. We need to learn how to eat right." He was laughing as he said this, and ordered the book.

Ladies and gents of different ages see "You Are Who You Eat" as a  book for folks like themselves:

Barbara Nunn, just before her workout at the Y, said, "This is very clever. 'Lay off fried people.' Well, that's really lay off fried foods. I think this would really be a good book for my menopausal friends. When you get to be our age, everything starts slipping. This is funny, but it has some good diet ideas." She looks further, shakes her head. "Oh, man...toe-fu."

Nathan Granner, UCLA student and opera star, said, "This is a great idea! I think we should eat all the grumpy people."


Eric Orue, a fit man who told us he is in his forties, said this is for people his age and up. "I looked at the cover and thought it was about sex. That made me want to look inside. I still think, with all these women, it's about that...but it's also about dieting."

An exercise maven at UCLA said, "I love that there are a lot of pictures. I don't like to read too much. This would be fun. And it's about nutrition. I think it would help people."

Pointing to the cover, one of his lady students said, "I think it's great for women. She's a man eater."

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