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The Cannibal Home Companion Recipes

The Cannibal Home Companion Recipe Collection by Ina Silvert Hillebrandt, the perfect accompaniment to the Cannibal Diet book, 'You Are Who You Eat'!The Cannibal Home Companion Recipes

Looking for recipes to help you get and stay slim? We’re starting a new feature, The Cannibal Home Companion Recipes™. Free, downloadable recipes you can make at home to become healthier, and get that svelte bod we all want!

Our first selection is a Trump Roast. You’ll find the inspiration on page 88 of our book, You Are Who You Eat. And not to worry if you are a Trump Supporter. Remember, we are equal opportunity food scouts. Our objective is to help you procure, and prepare, foodstuffs made only of the most delectable ingredients. Also remember, consuming body parts of those we revere confers upon us the virtues these folks possess. And if we don’t revere them, well, revenge is a dish best served on a silver bladder. Finally, please be assured we are an equal opportunity skewerer of people of all stripes. So, come back soon.

We’re having a contest! Please send us your recipe for Minty Clintons or Feel the Berne Brulee! Winner of the best of each will get a free copy of You Are Who You Eat! And we will publish your scrumptious concoctions here! Remember to include a photo!

To download and print your free copy of our very first recipe, Trump Roast, just click the photo or name of the recipe below. And, if you have a recipe you’d like us to consider, please send it to us! You can send yours here, or visit us on Facebook and spread the dining delights!

Trump Roast Recipe by Ina Silvert Hillebrandt

The Cannibal Home Companion Recipes -- Trump Roast

Our Trump Roast is a mouth-watering dish guaranteed to please the protein-lover in you, and your loved ones! And the recipe includes the perfect side dish, mashed sweet potatoes.

You’ll see we’ve also included ideas for edible decorations to really make this dish sing for your supper.

Enjoy this one for any celebration or for a luscious anytime dinner with friends and family.

Especially tasty as a soul-warmer during the debates and other political moments in our lives these days. And for years to come!



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