You Are Who You Eat

The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet

About Ina Silvert Hillebrandt

Author Ina Silvert Hillebrandt - Spearhead Of 'You Are Who You Eat.' Even As A Young Kid, She Loved Playing With Her Food.

Ina Silvert Hillebrandt was always a foodie and indeed became a chubby pre-teen. Though she has remained slim, she's always been plagued by a fear of eating too much, or what she calls a "fat head." Which led her to years of studying and practicing every form of Weight Control on the planet.

Funny how personal obsessions can connect to professional life. As an adult Ina became a qualitative research and strategic planning consultant, working for Fortune 500 companies and large nonprofits. No surprise when Weight Watchers materialized as one of her earliest clients. Dunkin' Donuts also came her way, at about the same time. Ina's fond of recalling, with a knowing smile. "People who showed up for Weight Watchers focus groups came in with Dunkin' Donut crumbs on their lips."

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